"Know Thyself"


Head shots + Commercial

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." - Annie Leibovitz

Headshots to build your brand

Headshots are the digital equivalent of a handshake when walking into an interview room. There’s a fine balance to be struck between a headshot being neutral and engaging and also telling the prospective employer a little more about what you do. Thats why I believe in a portfolio of shots. Different styles serve different purposes, one might entice or flirt with the viewer and another challenge or subtly intimidate. My experience means that we can tailor the looks we capture to your casting. Lighting and backgrounds are adapted to compliment the structure of your face, skin tone and hair and to tell the story of whichever character we are presenting.

My work is a mixture of honest editorial inspired portraits and soft, flattering, commercial headshots. I feel at ease with either style and adapt my work to suit the client in front of me. I see so much variety in the people that book to work with me and I love crafting the images I take to over-deliver my clients expectations of what they thought they could achieve in one session.

My main goal for what I want to achieve for my clients is ‘RANGE’! I have spent my time working as a headshot photographer creating lots of new concepts and ideas for what headshots can look like, and investing in the knowledge and equipment to provide a variety to my clients they can only get in a handful of places. Headshots over the past 10 years have changed from a simple head and shoulders capture to feeling more varied and closer to a portrait. The lines of what a headshot can be are shifting all the time.

The process

Sessions are relaxed (well i’m relaxed and hope that inspires you to be!) and collaborative. We start by talking about where your career has been and where you want it to go. Then we look at the styling you want - tops, hair and make-up etc to create the range you need. Then it’s straight into shooting! I think we can achieve more by getting into the process rather than spending a long time talking before hand. We obviously talk as we go, I will attempt to be funny and charming, and the quicker we get into shaking off the nerves or remembering how it all goes the better. Im very vocal in offering direction and have strong ideas and tips about how to flatter you with posing , expression and intention. There’s some really specific but simple little tricks we use to make images look less like a snapshot and more like a professional and crafted portrait.

Different methods suit different people, I will not make you talk about your inner child or bring out your spirit animal to get a reaction! I’ll direct in plain simple terms - adjusting posture, suggesting characters or subtle emotional shifts that might capture that special moment. Genuine connection and communication with the camera really make a headshot stand out.

Actors headshots

We offer headshots and portfolios for actors, dancers and musical theatre performers working in the tv and theatre industry. 

We are the first port of call for anyone looking for great actors headshots in Kent, and creative photography in the entertainment industry. 

The images we create are perfect for use on casting websites such as Spotlight or Casting Call Pro and for use on websites and marketing materials.

Author headshots

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Corporate headshots

If your organisation has a clear set of brand guidelines that require a particular pose, a certain coloured background or particular sizings/ dimensions or require output file of the final imagery we can accommodate this.

to ensure that your image is entirely aligned with the visual branding of your organisation both for use online and in print media. This is particular;uar;y helpful for those who are located in a country outs o the parent organisation and unable to use the regular in-house photographers.